Follow the Trends! Grow Your Practice with these Smart Tips

With technology and economic changes overhauling much of the dental industry, practices are  requiring more innovation to stay ahead of the curve. Below are some trends to explore that  can help you reach the top of the chart and stay there. 

Onsite Amenities 

Dental practices often make the mistake of being too clinical or severe in their appearance. Make  your patients comfortable with modern, innovative amenities. Heated or massage chairs in  examination rooms can calm anxious patients, while TVs installed on the ceilings  (complimentary earphones optional) can offer a safe distraction while your team works. 

Dental Insurance Coverage 

Many patients are turned away at the thought of visiting a dentist who is out-of-network.  Whether you decide to be in-network with more plans or use targeted marketing showing how  affordable you are for out-of-network plans, you can open the door for many potential patients  that otherwise may have gone elsewhere. 

Payment Plans

Many potential patients do not have the option of a work-based dental benefits plan. Consider  offering monthly payment plans, in-house financing, or working with a third-party to provide  affordable options in these cases. When given the opportunity to have care within their budget,  patients who lack insurance will have more ability to accept treatment. 

New Technology 

Upgraded equipment and modern technology can be a game-changer for many patients.  Whether offering a quicker, more comfortable experience or ensuring a safe and effective  treatment, using advanced technology on the market can help your dental practice target  patients interested in quality. 

Bolstered Online Presence 

The internet has limitless potential to reach prospective patients in your area. Allow patients to  learn more about you and your office, schedule a visit, and ask questions through your website,  social media, and other online resources. In the modern economy, internet marketing is a must. 

Don’t let your practice fall into the past – keep your practice relevant by following the trends  that will keep you thriving. For more professional guidance, contact our office for a  consultation.

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