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Dental Insurance Billing

At Stellar Dental Solutions, we specialize in providing top-notch dental insurance billing services that make it easier for you to manage the financial aspects of your dental practice.

Our team of experienced professionals understands the importance of accurate and timely billing, and we make sure that each claim is processed smoothly and efficiently. We offer a range of options to help you manage your insurance processes including:

  • Primary & secondary claims submitted.
  • EOBs scanned and payments posted to your patient management software.
  • Review and resubmit all denied claims with requested documentation.
  • Verify and send procedures that were not sent to insurance.
  • Work on insurance aging report.
  • Work progress reports.

We understand that every practice is different and we’re here to help you find the insurance collections solution that works best for you.

Insurance Collections Amount



3.75% of insurance collections

3.5% of insurance collections

3% of insurance collections

(First $100k is at 3.75 %, $100k-$200k at 3.5%, and anything over $200K is 3%)

Patient Billing

Dealing with patient billing can be a complex and time-consuming task. That’s why we offer comprehensive patient billing services to help streamline your practice and simplify the billing process. Our experienced team of billing professionals is here to provide customized solutions tailored to your practice’s individual needs.

Services Include

  • Up to 3 statements sent electronically at your desired intervals.
  • Up to 3 follow up calls made at your desired intervals.
  • Up to 3 collection emails sent at your desired intervals.
  • Mailed statements are available at additional cost + postage.
  • Mailed custom collection letters are available at additional cost + postage.

We’re confident that our services will help you maximize your patient billing and save you time and money. We understand that each practice has different needs and budgets, so our fees are tailored to meet your individual requirements.

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