Why Your Practice Needs Effective Team Meetings

Regular effective team meetings can play a crucial role in the health of your dental practice. That  one simple-sounding factor can impact every aspect of your business. Your people, your patients,  and your practice all benefit from regular effective team meetings. 

Your people need team meetings. The core of your practice is your vision, your goals, and your  strategy for achieving your goals. Each member of your team needs to understand all of these  things and, just as importantly, needs to understand their part in your plan. Without that  understanding, your team is working blindly and is unable to actively contribute toward reaching  your goals for your business. 

A team meeting is an ideal format for open discussion about your vision, goals, and strategy. Not  only can you use this discussion to ensure every member is clear on your expectations, but you  may find that their unique perspective creates an exchange of ideas on more effective ways to  reach your goals and how each person can best contribute. 

While not every team meeting needs to include high-level discussion of vision, goals, and strategy, it  is a good idea to include this at least once or twice a year and when bringing a new employee into  the team. Additionally, many successful dentists find that it is highly useful to touch on how the  strategies are being implemented and to discuss any measurable progress toward goals on at least  a monthly basis. This helps to keep your team engaged and motivated toward achievement. 

Your patients need team meetings. One of the most common components of an effective team  meeting is education. Your team needs to know what the policies are, what is on the agenda for the  day, if there are any specials being offered, if anyone is sick or on vacation. Any new ideas, training,  or techniques that can be shared should be. Your patients need to know they will be given correct  and consistent information from any member of your team. Make sure everyone is on the same  page. 

Your practice needs team meetings. Teach your team how to ask patients for referrals. Word of  mouth can have a huge impact on your new customer base. Even happy, satisfied patients rarely  refer to anyone unless asked to do so, according to a recent study. Your team members should be  engaging your patients in every interaction to ensure a positive experience and should be able to  ask for referrals when patients are pleased. 

Only you can review your practice, your time, and your schedules to determine when and how frequently you should hold team meetings. Whether you meet daily, weekly, or on some other  timeline, make your meetings regular and effective. You will see benefits to your team, your  patient experience, and your practice. Contact us today to learn how we can help.

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